One of the most important factors in the overrall cost and effectiveness of your conveyor is the system maintenance. To achieve maximum efficiency, Performance Installation Services will perform the necessary maintenance and service functions in order to identify and eliminate potential system problems before they can occur. Our factory-trained technicians will perform the following Weekly, Monthly and Quarterly Preventative Maintenance Operations which will promote the maximum life expectancy and the uninterrupted operation of your conveyor system in addition to reducing maintenance costs by avoiding unnecessary repairs and down-time.

General: Walk entire system and check for abnormal operation or vibration. Visually check for loose bolts or parts.
Saftey: Walk entire system and check for possible safety hazards such as safety guards out of place and oil or grease spots on walkways. Check for snags, catch points and alignment of side guards and verify all safety devices and covers are in place and functioning properly.
Motors, Clutches and Brakes: Check for excessive dirt build-up, high temperatures, vibration and listen for unusual noises.
Reducers: Inspect drip pan for oil leakage and listen for unusual noises.
Belting: Check tracking, tension, lacing and visually inspect belting to see that there are no cracks or tears.
Pulleys and Rollers: Listen for unusual noises, verify that all pulleys and rollers are turning freely, check pulley lagging for signs of wear and interference with the side frame is clear.
Bearings: Listen for unusual noises.



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